We are a cooperative group of private haematologists, based at multiple sites and private hospitals around the Hunter region.

We offer an Adult (age > 16) haematology service.

Between us, we have a broad range of interests across leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, thrombosis, bleeding disorders, haemochromatosis, and other blood-related diagnoses. We are heavily involved in clinical research and teaching.






Dr Sam Yuen is a clinical and laboratory haematologist with a particular interest in haematological malignancies including lymphoma, leukaemia, myeloproliferative neoplasms and myeloma. He also sees patients with non-malignant haematology problems. 

He originally gained his medical degree in Perth and completed his Haematology training between Calvary Mater Newcastle and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, where he undertook research in acute promyelocytic leukaemia after being awarded a Cancer Institute Fellowship.

He has been a Haematology Staff Specialist at Calvary Mater since 2011 and has been in private practice since 2012.

At the Calvary Mater, he is the Clinical Director and Director of the stem cell laboratory. He is also clinical lead for Lymphoma clinical trials at Calvary Mater. Sam is also involved in teaching of medical students, junior medical staff and providing education for higher level medical practitioners.

Sam currently is in private practice on Tuesdays at the new Hunter Valley Haematology rooms at Cooks Hill Healthcare Hub and spends the rest of his time at the Calvary Mater Newcastle.  He provides consultative service and has admitting rights to Lingard Private and Newcastle Private hospitals. 




Dr Wojt (“Voight”) Janowski is a clinical and laboratory haematologist with a focus on haematological malignancies, particularly multiple myeloma and lymphomas. He also sees patients with general haematological problems, including DVT and PE.

After completing his physician and haematology training in Melbourne, Wojt joined the Haematology team at the Calvary Mater in 2014 and commenced in private practice in 2015.

At the Calvary Mater, he is the clinical lead for trials in multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. He works on protocol development and the rapid translation of cancer research into the clinical setting, and is involved in every level of medical training, from medical students to haematology advanced trainees.

He is a Conjoint Lecturer with the University of Newcastle and sits on various research committees including the Australasian Lymphoma and Leukaemia Group Myeloma Subcommittee, HCRA Clinical Cancer Research Network Steering Committee, HNE Cancer Clinical Trials Strategic Planning Committee, and the eviQ Haematology Committee.

Dr Janowski consults from private rooms at Lake Macquarie private hospital on Thursdays and now also at the Hunter Valley Haematology rooms at Cooks Hill Healthcare Hub on Tuesdays.  He has admitting rights to Lake Macquarie Private Hospital.




Dr Jane Gordon is a specialist haematologist. She sees patients with a broad range of haematology problems, including abnormal blood counts, clotting or bleeding problems and malignant haematology conditions.

Jane has a long association with the Hunter, graduating from the University of Newcastle in 1997 and completing medical and haematology training in the region’s hospitals.

She is currently a haematologist at Calvary Mater Newcastle. Previously, Jane was a consultant haematologist at Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Sydney.

Having both clinical and laboratory qualifications and experience, she holds dual fellowships with the RACP (Royal Australasian College of Physicians) and RCPA (Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia).

This laboratory grounding allows her to make sense of sometimes complex test results and explain what they mean and what to do.

She has been twice awarded by the RCPA, with the DS Nelson and Roche Haematology Prizes.

Jane valued the opportunity to be supported by a Leukaemia Foundation scholarship to explore how leukaemia biology linked in to patient outcomes, during a research position within Professor John Rasko’s laboratory at Centenary Institute, at the University of Sydney.

Dr Gordon has contributed to medical education in the community, hospital and university fields, within the University of Newcastle, University of Sydney and the Centre for Professional Medical Development.

Jane values clear and timely communication with colleagues, patients and their families.




Dr Kate Melville is a specialist haematologist with a special interest in consultative and malignant haematology. She is dual trained in clinical and laboratory haematology and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Pathologists Australasia.

Kate has completed her haematology training within the Hunter New England and Northern Sydney Health Districts. She currently works at the Calvary Mater Hospital Newcastle as a Staff Specialist in the Haematology Department as well as in private practice at Newcastle Private Hospital.

Kate is happy to review your general and obstetric haematology patients including those with thrombosis and malignant haematological diagnoses.

Kate is currently involved in the education of medical students and junior doctors and is keen to further this with education of higher levels of medical professionals.  She is a Conjoint Lecturer with the University of Newcastle. 

She is available for educational talks at your practice and happy to cover topics of particular interest.




Dr Asma Ashraf is a clinical and laboratory haematologist. Dr Ashraf completed her basic Physician training through the Hunter New England Network and then went on to complete her Haematology training at Calvary Mater Newcastle.

Dr Ashraf currently works as a visiting medical officer across Calvary Mater Hospital (Staff Specialist), Maitland Private Hospital (VMO), Newcastle Private Hospital (VMO) and Lake Macquarie Private Hospital (VMO).

She specialises in malignant and non-malignant haematology (Adult) and prides herself in her compassionate and professional bedside manner. Dr Ashraf is consulting from Maitland Private Hospital on Tuesday mornings.

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Dr Aung Thant is a general clinical and laboratory haematologist with an interest in malignant haematology and stem cell transplantation.  He has expertise in managing various benign and malignant haematological conditions.

Dr Thant completed his haematology training at the Calvary Mater Newcastle, Liverpool Hospital and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.  He became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia in 2013.  He also completed further Fellowship training in Acute Leukaemia and Stem Cell Transplantation in Vancouver, Canada. 

He is working as Staff Specialist in Haematology at the Calvary Mater Newcastle since 2015.  He has joined private practice in 2019 and has rooms at Maitland private hospital and Lake Macquarie Private hospital. Dr Thant has admitting rights at Lake Macquarie, Lingard Private, Newcastle Private and Maitland Private hospitals.  

Dr Thant is involved in teaching of medical students, junior doctors and advanced trainees.  He is also a conjoint lecturer with the University of Newcastle. 




Dr Ritam Prasad is a Clinical and Laboratory Haematologist.  

He has interest in all aspects of Haematology with special interest in inherited bleeding disorders and low-grade haematological conditions such as MGUS and dysproteinaemias, myeloproliferative neoplasm, mild cytopaenias and clonal lymphocytosis.  He is happy to see patients with both malignant and non-malignant haematological disorders.

Dr Prasad has worked in the field of Haematology for more than 15 years.  He continues to be a Senior Staff Specialist with NSW Health Pathology and Calvary Mater Hospital.  He is currently the Director of the Haemophilia Treatment Centre Newcastle.  Dr Prasad has previously been the Director of Laboratory Haematology at NSW Health Pathology (Hunter and New England) and Royal Hobart Hospital.

Dr Prasad is heavily involved in teaching of medical students, junior doctors and advanced trainees.

Dr Prasad will be consulting from the new Hunter Valley Haematology rooms at Cooks Hill Healthcare Hub.




Dr Karan Makhija is a Clinical and Laboratory Haematologist with a keen interest in all aspects of Haematology, including management of patients with blood count abnormalities, paraproteinaemias, thrombosis, lymphoma, myeloma and leukaemia. 

Karan works in both public and private Haematology practice. He works as a Staff Specialist at the Calvary Mater Hospital and Manning Base Hospital, as well as in private practice at Hunter Valley Haematology in Cooks Hill. He is currently able to offer private appointments to new patients in a very timely fashion.

Karan obtained his medical degree in sunny Queensland with an Academic Medal and subsequently completed Physician Training through The Townsville Hospital and The Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. He went on to pursue dual training in both clinical and laboratory Haematology at the Calvary Mater and John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.  He holds Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Royal College of Pathologists Australasia. 

Karan is regularly involved in teaching medical students, junior doctors and advanced trainees. He is happy to conduct educational talks at your practice, covering any topics of interest.

Timely and effective communication with GPs, patients and their families is something which Karan greatly values. He is happy to be contacted via the Cooks Hill Rooms to provide advice about your patients.

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