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Venesection Referrer Information

Patient Information

Referrals for venesections can be sent to us via fax, 02 9190 5381 or email, or via e-Referral. Please include in your referral the indication for venesection and frequency of venesection.

We are happy to review patients prior to venesection to help confirm the indication and frequency of venesections

A good guide for indication and frequency for venesection can also be accessed via the Australian Red CrossLifeblood High Ferritin App

Welcome to our Newcastle-based venesection service, where our skilled haematologists and specialist nurses provide expert care for conditions like polycythaemia and haemochromatosis. We are committed to delivering a venesection experience that prioritizes your health and comfort.

Understanding Venesection 

Venesection, a key treatment for certain blood disorders, involves the removal of blood from the body. It's particularly beneficial in managing polycythaemia, characterized by an excess of red blood cells, and haemochromatosis, where iron overload is a concern. Regular venesection can significantly improve these conditions.

Indications for Venesection

Our venesection service is ideal for patients diagnosed with some forms of:

  • Polycythaemia: Regular venesection helps in reducing blood thickness, enhancing circulation, and preventing complications.

  • Haemochromatosis: Venesection is effective in lowering iron levels, thus protecting organs from potential damage. 

The Venesection Procedure

Our venesection procedure is meticulously planned for safety and efficacy:​

  • Process: During venesection, we carefully monitor the blood removal to achieve optimal results. We monitor your vital signs and provide snacks and fluids to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

  • Duration: Each venesection session is tailored to your specific needs, typically lasting between 15-30 minutes

What to Expect During Venesection

  • Pre-Venesection: We recommend hydrating well and having a light meal beforehand.

  • During Venesection: A small needle insertion is the only discomfort you might feel. Some people can feel faint during the needle insertion and we are very experienced in managing you if this occurs. 

  • Post-Venesection: We advise a short rest period before you leave our facility

Successful Cannulation Tips

  • Stay Hydrated: Adequate hydration pre-venesection makes vein access easier.

  • Warmth: Applying warmth to the arm can enhance vein visibility.

  • Relaxation: A calm demeanor assists in a smoother venesection process.

Aftercare Following Venesection

  • Fluid Intake: Post-venesection, drinking extra fluids is crucial.

  • Balanced Diet: We provide dietary guidelines to support your venesection treatment.

  • Physical Activity: Limit heavy physical exertion for at least a day after venesection.

Choosing Our Newcastle Venesection Service

  • Expert Care: Our team consists of specialist haematologists who can evaluate you if your Doctor chooses. Our nurses are specially trained in venous access to ensure maximal success of inserting a neelde into your vein

  • Patient Focus: Each venesection plan is customized to individual patient needs. Your Doctor can provide this plan or can refer to our specialists for this

  • Local Accessibility: Our Newcastle location makes regular venesection treatments convenient.

For comprehensive venesection treatment in Newcastle, please reach out to us. We are dedicated to providing exceptional venesection care for those with polycythaemia and haemochromatosis.

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